MUSLIM WEDDING: Zafarani and Haytham

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Well, the last day of 2018 I expressed how much fun I had had shooting a Muslim wedding.

Yani, ile wimbo uenda… Hodari wa mapenziii… has never been that sweet.

Kwanza iyo part wanasema …ikilegeya yako macho…macho.

In short; I started listening to bongo more often since this wedding because it impacted the music genre as extremely romantic heheee…

Sasa kuna aunty mmoja kutoka Tanzania… when it was her time to give a speech the DJ chose to play some reggae song. Weeee… she refused to move (walk). ‘’Nataka wimbo itanikubalia kuringa! Mwanamke ni kupendeza, kujistiri, kujibodoa na kuringa! Ebu niwekee Bongo ile ya Aslay.’ Kidogo kidogo nikaskie, ‘…nichoche nichoche kama moto nichoche…’. The taste of Bongo will remain in my tongue for a while. Just to emphasize how strong the effect is, as I write this piece Hodari wa mapenzi is playing in the background just to take me back to this day heheeee…

In short, I was taken aback with how everyone was enjoying the wedding. There was no timekeeper, or a preacher preaching for 3hours, or a photoshoot venue that is 10kms away. It was all music, dance, eating and feeling good. Most importantly, everyone was dressed for the occasion and thoroughly adorned. Yani I felt out of place with my flowing kitenge and unmade hair.

It was interesting how they could not mince words. I remember hearing one mama say, “kwanini wamkalisha mtoto kwa nguvu hivyo! Waeza fanya hivyo ukampasua makende!” These words cannot be heard the other side hehee… They sound unholy, right? Yet they are just words found in Kamusi and not abusive at all. 

On a serious note…

This day we had the wedding of Zafarani and Haytham, they are both from the Muslim background and first met through a video. Yes! Haytham was watching a friend’s wedding video and spotted a beautiful lady having a good time celebrating others. Wewe kama huwa uendi weddings shauri yako! He then reached the couple to inquire further about the particular guest in their wedding and proceeded to ask for her number. Sema courage! He sure should be the chairman of men conference come next year heheee…

Zafarani brushed him off until she could do it no more. He never gave up! Fast forward to marriage proposal… The proposal was first done online because Haytham stays in the US and Zafarani in Kenya. Zafarani thought he was joking until his people went to her home to visit them officially and notify them they have seen a wife there. As they say, the rest is history.

From the photography corner, it was my first time to shoot a Muslim wedding. I was anxious and didn’t know what to expect, what to shoot and what to ignore. Yaniiii… I got home with 3,000 images after the two days for the fear of the unknown!

I hear it is quite common for a Muslim wedding to go for days, so, naturally, the wedding lasted two days. Their Nikkah which is the religious Muslim ceremony, was performed by the Imam from the Local Mosque, was an intimate ceremony. This was a men affair. Zero women. The women were waiting to celebrate the groom outside the Mosque. More interestingly, the bride was several miles away at the venue where the marriage was to be celebrated hehee…. This is unheard of in a Christian wedding. Eti harusi na bibi harusi hako miles away!
Well! A beautiful experience it was! It was about eating and dancing. Purely a celebration of love. Looking forward to many more.

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