How often do you go to Church? Do you participate in anything ama you just sit somewhere like someone hiding and run out immediately after the last amen?  Alafu, Church yenu iko na youth programs ama iko tu? My friend, when you go to Church, participate actively, interact, observe, and take notes heheee…

Fast forward, Grace and Ben’s love story begun in the House of God, drawn together by strong Christian morals and values as well as very close dreams and aspirations for the future. Early on, after connecting with Grace and Ben during their engagement session, I knew their wedding would be special. Their sweet personalities and noticeable affection for each other made their love story captivating to document.

Grace: “We were both attending a discipleship program (CITAM CLAN YOU KNOW THIS, RIGHT?). We engaged in many Church activities together and a friendship sprouted. By the end of the program, we noted we had so much shared values like patience and kindness. We started dating some months later.

Benson: “I couldn’t fail noticing Grace’s humility, kindness friendliness, and the caring nature. She could go out of her way to ensure that plans were unfolding seamlessly. Above all she loved God. I mean, who wouldn’t want these traits in a beautiful girl for a wife? Besides, she was hardworking as I am and once she sets her mind to doing something, she does so to completion, wholeheartedly and perfectly.

Well, being a CITAM member, let me shade some light on what discipleship program entails, it is a 5-stage experience that runs for several weeks and entails the following-

  • Laying the foundation
  • Encounter – Experiencing God
  • Embrace – Living in love
  • Enlist – Equipped for service
  • Engage – Impacting the world

Have you observed that ‘living in love’ is one of the teachings? You may also find love just like Grace and Benson-purpose to attend this program and many others.

Photography: Brenda Mulama Photography 

Venue: CITAM Woodley

Gown: Liana Bridal Shop   

Shoes: l got them in Eastleigh

Rings: Nagni Pattni (TRM)

Hair: Royal Hair Salon

Cake: Dalm Cake Palace

Decor & tents: Elmart Events

Food: Ruth from Focus Kenya

Mc: Erick Simba

Dj and P.A: Victorious Sounds

How was your dating experience?

Benson: Full of ups-and-downs, misunderstandings at times but the fact that we could go through the storms together helped me realize we can do this together.

Grace: Dating was short and nice experience. We had arguments but we would always come to a point of agreement.

What do you like about each other?

Grace: I like him because he is caring, supportive, and a very hard worker who wants to prosper in life.

Benson: She is humble, kind, honest, and caring. Goes out of her way to ensure we are exceling in our respective endeavours. She is super hardworking just like me and this is a plus for us. I like her commitment to achieving goals. Once she has resolved to do something, she goes for it wholeheartedly. I am very proud of her.

How was the proposal? What was memorable?

Benson: I decided to make a small surprise for her. We invited few friends for a meal in the evening and I popped the question. She said yes, and here we are. What was memorable is she was indeed surprised. She arranged surprises for other people but she didn’t see this one coming.

Grace: The proposal just caught me unawares, to say the least. He invited me to his housewarming, which turned out to be a proposal party. He had planned together with my close friends without me knowing. Seeing him going down on his knee is one of the most memorable aspects. I also like the fact that everything was well planned without me being involved

How was your wedding planning process? Did you use a planner or a committee and what are the lessons you learnt?

Benson: I’d say it went well. Close friends and family members whom we reached out to committed their time and resources to make it happen. Learnt that it’s good to start early, look for service providers ahead of time, and then concentrate on raising funds. Lastly, trust in God and put him first in all your plans.

Grace: We did not use a planner. We picked most of the service providers by ourselves. We had a committee that helped us in the planning process to make sure everything went well. Planning process is quite demanding and tiring but becomes easier if you have committed friends around to make sure everything is flowing as planned. I learnt that to ensure that your ultimate wedding vision is realized, you should not leave all the tasks to someone else. Close monitoring is key. Also, plan with the resources you already have to avoid last minute disappointments.

Where was your wedding and why did you settle the place? What challenges did you have?

We settled on CITAM Woodley. That’s where we go to Church and it’s central for both family and friends

What was memorable about your wedding?

Of course, the most important moment was our vow exchange. Again, everything went well, according to plan. We planned to finish at 4.15pm and we finished at 3.37pm. We even had ample time to take for photos after the reception. The Overwhelming support from friends is also unforgettable.

How did you meet your photographer and what can you advice couples on choosing one?

Benson: Referral. It’s important to go for referrals and get someone who loves their job (passionate).

Grace: I had seen her posts in Facebook and were also referred to her by Doreen which gave us more confidence to work with her.

What advice can you give a couple planning their wedding?

Benson: Plan for the wedding from the date coming backwards. That way most of the things will fall into place. Do not fear to spend if you have the resources, but again, don’t stress yourself if you don’t have money. What’s important is the days ahead. Make sure you have a memorable honeymoon (does not have to be in an expensive place).

Grace: Start planning early.

  • It is easier working with referrals for the service providers.
  • Avoid last minute rush.
  • Plan the wedding based to your budget.
  • For the money you will get from friends and relatives, have an account that both of you will manage. Don’t have any other treasurer apart from the two of you.
  • Complete simple and minor tasks days before wedding because a day or hours before one hardly remembers some of the small but important errands that have not been completed.
  • Above all put your trust in God.

Grace & Ben, thank you so much for trusting me to be part of your wedding day. It was such a joy to celebrate your marriage and capture all the sweet memories of your day! I wish you guys a lifetime of love and bliss together, and can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds for you! So grateful for you guys! Love you!! XOXO


  1. Mike Sunguti says:

    So powerful and Encouraging. God bless.

  2. Grace Waithera says:

    Thank you for making our wedding memorable. Thank you for capturing the moments. May our good Lord bless you soo much..
    You surpassed my expectations. It was worth the investment. I love how you love your work.
    Baraka tele

  3. Ruth Kerubo says:

    Wow wow very beautiful story and photos.God bless their marriage and you for the good photos and memories you give for those wdding.

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