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You need a little sunshine to brighten up your day? We are here to help with this cheerful and romantic engagement shoot in Nairobi Safari Walk on the blog today!

Many a time when the couple has children, the engagement shoot translates to a family shoot heheee…. In this case, I have more to say about the family than just the couple. I will write more about the couple after the wedding heheee….today the family will shine together?

Lilian and Bernard make parenthood look so easy. Have you ever heard millennials narrate about being children in the 80s and 90s? These stories are always nerve cracking! Actually, many have compared the experience with being in an army camp where a stunning look from ‘mama’ or ‘baba’ would make the children move mountains heheee… Very few persons were friends with their fathers. Dad’s presence meant disappearing somewhere or read so hard, lol!

Well, Bernard and Lilian are a perfect example of modern-day parenthood. Gracey and Jayden are evidently not only friends with their mom but dad as well. They were not afraid of giving their opinion and speaking their mind, as what they were having with the parents is not a linear communication but an interactive one. They were not IGNORANT or ARROGANT. The kids were open to suggestions from the parents, they were paying attention, and at the same time, they were themselves. Just children.

Here are a few parenthood lessons that I learned from Bernard and Lilian;- they clearly shared a sense of humour with the children, they resolved disagreements between the kids so smoothly, and lastly, they were attuned most of the time.

These, I must apply!  Enjoy some of the photos

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