Christine weds Wyse: HOOKED RIGHT FROM ‘HELLO’


When a man remembers dates accurately, he was smitten and is still smitten. This is Wyse for you. Wyse saw Christine for the first time on August 14th 2009. Oh! Wyse remembers the particular joint they were patronizing too: Club Reminisce.
Fredrick first laid eyes on Christine when he had taken the best friend to meet the girlfriend at a fun joint. You have ever heard that men know it right away when they find the one? This was the case for Fredrick. Right there and then he knew he has found a wife of his dreams. Actually, he told the friend and the girlfriend, who was Christine’s cousin, about his interests. He could not help but feel drawn to Christine.
'I wasn't dating nor was I searching then. I had had enough of dating and mainly needed a break. But this girl... I wanted to see her again so bad. I wanted to spend more time with her. I wanted to take her out at every opportunity I got. Without a doubt I wanted more, I wanted her for myself!'' Said Wyse.
The children of the 80s, do you remember when we were around 16 to 26 Githurai was the real deal? Zile day there were lines in songs like 'na wasee tumetoka Githurai, Githurai!...' And the entire nation sung to this song! Wyse depicted this confidence and it was evident in his character.
Christine came from a reserved family. They were not allowed to go where they want, when they want. Every move had to have a purpose. Luckily, they cherished milestones and celebrated each other. Luckily, the family had several birthdays in September, including Christine's. Thus, a party was planned. Imagine Wyse and his fellow wasee kutoka Githurai took themselves to this party and ensured they are noticed heheee... He had to see Christine, especially on her birthday party. Yani he introduced himself to this family in style heheee...

BRIDE: Christine Muguru muchoki
GROOM: Fredrick Waiganjoh Njokih
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mulama Brenda Photography
CEREMONY: PCEA Kahawa Farmers Church
RECEPTION: Utalii Grounds
DÉCOR/CATERING/CAKE: Top-Level Functions
CATERING: Top-Level Functions

16 thought on “Christine weds Wyse: HOOKED RIGHT FROM ‘HELLO’”

  1. Wyse says:

    Wow…. Perfectly put Brenda. You did not miss a detail. Thank you and your team for making the most memorable moment of our lives.. Forever to be cherished.

  2. Mush says:

    Absolutely awesome. the detail and spirit of the day captured fully. Great work

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you Brenda for owning our wedding and making taking it upon you to ensure our expectations were met! I would so do it again with your photography team.

  3. Jane Kahare says:

    Waoh….it was awesome, well organized, beautiful combination of color,appetising meals etc Congratulations

    1. Christine says:

      Asante sana for the love.

      1. Grace Waithira says:

        Brenda Mulama photography is the real deal

  4. Grace says:

    I loved it.. I enjoyed it!
    Everything was perfect 😍😍😍

  5. Kweya says:

    Good Work Bre..You are absolutely perfect👌👌 behind the lenses..

    1. Lilian says:

      Lovely photos and blog. With Mulama Brenda Photography you will never go wrong.

  6. Kate Mush says:

    Beautiful work Brenda.what a way to tell a love story

  7. Jojo says:

    This absolutely amazing work!!

  8. Sir Livingstone .Ngige (Stonie) says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Absolutely amazing! What a day! What a love story! Isn’t this just what couples need?? A Mulama Brenda kind of Photography??!!

  9. Margaret Nyagathua says:

    This was well an perfectly put, a beautiful love story there. Congratulations to Sissy and Wyse.

  10. Charles says:

    The story is felt and the moments as well.
    Great work!!

  11. Caroline Kirichu says:

    Wooh something to borrow a leaf from!class at it’s best,all he best to the couple and good job to mulamabrenda photography,will consult you soon for my event!

  12. Winnie says:

    Perfectly captured beautiful memories.

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