Antony and Nancy wedding story

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When I met Nancy for the 1st time I asked her the question I ask most of you, “How did you get to know us? Someone referred you? She was so straight forward, “I have referred myself Brenda! And you better deliver what I normally see you post in your website and facebook page. Ebu kwanza kuja hapa Ukule ugali!”

Of course I followed with the kawaida, ‘nimetoka kula sahi tu, thanks!’
Nancy, “Brenda usipokula you will buy drinks for everyone in this room, and I mean it!’’ I looked around the room and mentally counted the people and pole pole went to wash my hands for ugali and choma hahaa….

I loved her straight away. I loved it even more that she is in touch with her emotions, and loved it even better that she had referred herself. This was definitely our right client and we would definitely deliver. Come the wedding day, sijawai ona mtu ako na fans wengi hivi! The portrait session that we normally do for 20minutes, I am telling you it lasted two hours. The entire royal media and beyond was here. It was our pleasure.

Did we deliver? Enjoy the photos and tell us what you think.

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