“One day while I was waiting for the lift in some building in Upperhill I saw him. You know this person you knew on Campus but there wasn’t much, so you say quick greetings and go your way!” Said Ann. “Ironically, for some reason, we started meeting more often. It is interesting that both of us had worked in the building for a while but we never used to meet until this particular period hehehee…”

“Both Anne and I are born again; we both served in the Christian Union in the University and are still in active ministry. But Brenda, I am not marrying mother Mary or Christianity; I am marrying the woman I love. The woman I want to be with. I am fully aware she is human and just like any other couple we have highs and lows that we trust God to see us through always as I want to be with her. You know, I can’t imagine being with someone else or starting afresh now. She is my world. I have never met a more caring person in my life. She has made me a caring person I have become. I love her so much. Besides, she is extremely hard working and goal oriented. She doesn’t quit when things get hard and just pushes through. This trait is extremely admirable and I love her for it. Though remember she is a perfectionist……” (Well, those that know Macharia I know they will agree with me I cannot finish the descriptive adjectives he used hehehee… He is a good communicator that is super expressive).

There are those people you meet and know they will definitely block your calendar for the date even before sharing the packages. Hawa ni wamoja wao. Macharia and Anne have great great personalities. I am still trying to comprehend how both are mathematics lovers heheee… Or is it me that has interacted with super reserved and somehow boring mathematicians in the past? There was one in our handball team while in Campus; I think his combination was ‘double maths.’ He looked uninterested and tame all the time I wonder how he managed to play handball hehehee… There was also another in our gym on campus whose combination was again ‘double maths’. Yani that is the furthest our conversation could go: his telling me what he does. This full of maths head could not see the several ‘I like you’ smiles I gave him, lol!

Honestly, Anne and Mash are unique mathematicians. I was surprised to see so many KUCU members of our time (both Tim and I were in KU the same time Anne and Macharia were there) present. KUCU is home of fun people and this truly reflected in this wedding!

Baraka tele in your union Anne and Mash!

Ceremony: Parklands Baptist Church
Reception: Kalro grounds
Make-up artist: Lawrinlolo
Hair: Marion Odunge

Deco by: Exquisite Events by You
Cake by: Valentine Cake House Limited
Photography by us: Mulama Brenda Photography
Catering : Grashy Caterers
Mcee: Joe Maina


  1. Susan Kimuni says:

    Memorable moments well captured, may be afew more photos at church after the service and what was happening the reception before the couple arrived. There was a mugithi that was going round the tables it was also alot of fun..

    1. Mulama says:

      Thanks for your complement and observation Susan 🙂 . The photos are in hundreds. I have only shared a few. A beautiful day it was indeed!

  2. Eve Waithaka says:

    This was a lit wedding and your photography is off the charts. You made us so pretty in these photos and we can’t have enough of them… Also, this story with photos is beautiful and unique. Thank you for making the memories PERFECT. 😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Liz Mwangi says:

    That was a wedding and a half!!! Talk of being unique, wueeeeh! The Excellence! Wacha tu! I wish a repeat was done. 😉😉 Anne and John, Your Marriage too will stand out and I wish you the BEST in the days to come. You are one couple I LOVE and Admire.
    The camera man couldn’t select atleast one photo that I fixed myself into and yet I was in more than 100 of them? 😉😉😊😁 (Asiyetaka kuachwa nyuma) 🤣
    GOD Bless You my Friends. ❤❤ We (My husband and I) will be there to celebrate 50+ and 80 years of your happy marriage. 🙂 😊
    BARAKA! ❤

  4. Hannah Wangari says:

    This wedding was PERFECT….in every word…..great love story there…beautiful love….awesome union…..God bless this beautiful couple greatly……wonderful union and blessed years ahead.

    Love your work….it’s excellent….Well done

  5. Anne Macharia says:

    Wow! What can I say.. Everything is perfect! Thank you so much Brenda for capturing our moments in a very special way! The photos are so beautiful. John and I are so grateful! Happy belated birthday as well!May you have many many more!😍

  6. Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.| а

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